Thursday, December 30, 2010

Take the time to listen.

It's the quiet people who have ideas, the loud people who state ideas, the quiet people who have an oppinion, most of the loud people shrug off or ignore that opinion, it's the quiet people who get hurt from it, the loud people who don't notice, the quiet people who beat themselves up over it, the loud people who don't take notice. The inbetween person who can't decide what to do over it, they end up ignoring the problem in the end. The inbetween person will most likely forget that moment, the quiet one will never forget, they will become quieter, trying not to make that mistake again. It wasn't even a mistake, but they don't know how to get rid of the shadow hanging over their back, it haunts them until they find a way to get rid of it, or even block it out for just a moment.
There is a Bible verse that states "Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry." I cannot remember the reference, but I know by heart that the Bible states that. Take time to listen to people. They really have more to say then you think, I have a clear guess from experience that by the time those "akward silences" aren't akward anymore then then you are becoming to know that person real well. There was someone I met that I knew them for about three years or more but even though nothing was akward anymore, they still wouldn't listen, it made me feel like they didn't care even though they just shrugged it off. It still hurts me.
Then recently I met someone who was a "quiet person" but didn't act that way she had a "leader" type air around her, ad if she could take care of any task given to her. But at the same time she was hiding, I could feel it, we were so alike even though I have more of a "background" type of air around me, I have only spoken face to face with her a couple of times, but I feel like I've known her forever.
Listen to the quiet people, become aware of the hiding people, place priorities so others understand when you need to speak alone with someone, be a REAL friend, not just a "buddy", ask God for guidance, let him help you. And help others according to how God instructs you.
Take the time.

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