Saturday, December 11, 2010

What can we learn?

What is Christmas? A time for snow? Just a part of winter? The birth of Jesus? There are many different ways to think about Christmas, the way I prefer to think about Christmas is, "What will God teach me this year?" I've realized how much more I learn or find out when I bring every situation to a test to see what I need to know. I started doing this about four - six months ago, right around when school started. I had the death of my parakeet laying heavily on my mind and I couldn't get myself to focus on anything else very well. I kept asking, "Why God? What did I do, Why do I deserve this?" I kept beating myself up until my grandpa said something to me. He said that instead of ever asking God why or what, ask him, "What can I learn from this."
This helped me get through everything so much easier, I was able to let go of my bird and help myself learn a lesson. Never ask God why, ask Him what can I learn. Even if it's not a bad situation, always try to be aware of God, He is always there.
So during the rest of December until Christmas I am going to ask myself what I can learn from everything going on around me. What will you learn?

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